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  • Using Sockets in PHP
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  • Switching From VB to PHP
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  • Storing Binary Data In a DB
  • Fundamentals of Application Design
  • COM Functions in PHP4
  • Best Practices: Database Transactions
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  • MySQL and PostgreSQL Compared
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  • Sessions With PHP4

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    Best practices

    By Paul Booker

    It is the intention of this article to discuss best practices in developing database driven, session orientated dynamic websites and to present some adopted styles and conventions. The ideas and approaches that are developed here could be actualised with any combination of server side scripting language and relational database .

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    Crypto Trading Bots Comparison

    Resizing Images with PHP and Mogrify

    By John Masterson

    Our consulting division had been approached by a economic development organization who wanted us to build a website. One of the desired features of the site was a system that allowed their staff to upload member company logos to be displayed on the front page of their site, as well as in a member directory section. The intent was that businesses would send their logos to the organization staff, and they'd use the system to insert the new logos and descriptive text into a database. No problem, right?

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    Using PHP for RTF

    By Sujith Nair

    Recently, I had a brief stint with RTF (Rich Text Format) files. I had to write an RTF file and send an RTF file as attachment in mail. Initially it was a pain to understand the RTF file format. Its header part was apparently the most confusing part. But when I had some understanding of the header, the remaining task was not that difficult. Here, I am not going to provide you with codes for writing an RTF, but I'll help you understand how this can be achieved. Once this is clear, you can write your own class to write an RTF, or for that matter convert a file to RTF..

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    PHP--HTML Templates: A New Working Relationship

    By Wee Lep

    In order to place the data into the nicely-designed HTML pages, we either get the designers to embed our PHP codes in appropriate locations in their designs and remind them to remember to name their pages as "<filename>.php" before they publish or we (programmers) do it ourselves. I used to adopt the latter option, but in the end, I got blamed for messing up their HTML-codes :(

    ... If these designers could put HTML-comments at the places where our PHP code would appear then I could provide scripts to insert PHP codes in them! This idea is similar to template-driven designs.

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    NuSphere PHPEd
    NuSphere PHPEd v3.0 is Now Available! The award-winning Integrated Development Environment for PHP just got better! NuSphere is thrilled to announce the availability of PHPEd v3.0, with major new product enhancements ...
    Get it from Linux Central The /root. for Linux Resources
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